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    Your interactive gallery
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    A unique marketing tool.
    Show off your products.
    Engage your visitors.
    Social media gallery with rewards
  • Bring all your content together
    Upload or link to existing web content

Gallery Features

Earn money through tips

You can earn tips when visitors like your videos, images, files, links and music.

Add click rewards to your gallery

Add cents to your tiles and let visitors earn them by turning your content into ads.

Increase the fun

Your interactive gallery is a great way for visitors to explore your web content.

Leverage powerful tools

Create a mobile friendly marketing tool with your products and services.

Happy visitors

By adding more purpose to browsing, your visitors can better enjoy their time with your content.

Plug n play

Just add your media content and watch the gallery come to life!

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Mobile Friendly

Your media content looks as great on desktop as on mobile. Let your content stand out on any device.

Easy to setup

Build a great marketing tool in minutes. Upload videos, images and documents or link to external web pages.

Connect your online content

Link to your existing YouTube videos and Spotify music.

Step 1: Add your content

Upload your videos, images and documents, and link to your existing website product pages. Each of your media files and links become tiles that populate your gallery.

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Step 2: Monetize your content

Your media automatically gets a tip button that visitors can click to support you. You can also reward visitors for viewing your content. You can offer 0.10 Lewt coins per tile clicked or any amount that you want (it is optional). This can be part of a marketing campaign where you reward visitors for exploring all your products during a limited time.

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Step 3: Spread the word

Use your gallery as a marketing tool and share it on social media and in online advertising to attract visitors.

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Step 4: Turn visitors into customers

Visitors can earn your rewards while exploring your products and media. With more engaging content, your visitors will stay longer.

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Add some fizz to your website!

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